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15 January 2015

Wednesday 14th January

Position: 89° 27.89S, 080° 28.01W

59 kilometres from the South Pole

It's been unbelievably cold, but we managed our longest day yet...we've done 21.6 km. So we're definitely on, weather permitting, for arriving on the 17th.

There's really nothing to report, other than that I'm breathing a lot better and everything else is fine.

It's a really cold wind here, right in your face. It takes the temperature down from say -25°C to -35°C, so you'll see loads and loads of photographs of me with my face just completely caked in ice.

How many layers are you wearing?

Errr...I'm on 5 body layers, 3 legs, 5 socks, 4 gloves, 4 hats. It's pretty brutal!

Poor old Conrad's zip is broken, and yesterday he ended up having to wear one of my jackets, poor chap. He's on at least four layers!

You can listen to Patrick and Conrad's excellent BBC Newcastle interview from this afternoon below:

(the quality improves after the first crackly bit!)

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