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20 January 2015

So what happens at the South Pole?

we made it!
We were hoping to hitch a lift out of the Pole on Sunday evening, a day after arriving there. We got our South Pole photos out of the way, then set about packing up our skis and sledges ready to be on our way. That's when we got the notification that the weather wasn't right and we wouldn't be flying.

I'm sure you can imagine that killing time at the South Pole is not too easy, but we had a quick tour around the Amundsen-Scott Station on Sunday and then on Monday we found some bicycles - I cycled "around the world" in 80 seconds!

We were in good condition after a couple of days rest and recovery, I even had 11 hours of sleep on Sunday night, despite still sleeping in a tent and still not having had a shower.

Life at the South Pole is a bit tricky. It takes 10 minutes to prepare to go anywhere, because to get from the relative comfort of one tent and another is -30 degree weather, requiring several layers!

Anyway, we eventually got a flight out of the South Pole - the last one of the season, so we're pretty lucky, to Union Glacier.

There was a huge storm roaring through Union Glacier so at the end of the five hour journey was an extremely hairy landing, but we're all OK. We landed at around 2am (Chilean time) and were hoping for another flight back to Punta Arenas just six hours later, but it was cancelled due to the storm.

I'm currently waiting to hear whether we'll be able to hop on a flight tonight, our last opportunity to get to Punta Arenas in time for our flights back to the UK.

Wish us luck!


  1. Amazing story, Patrick. Congrats heartily, what an epic. Now to put some dosh in your kitty, and send good luck for getting the flights home.