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12 January 2015

Monday 12th January

The altitude has really got to me...after an evening of real breathing problems, I was feeling a little better since finding my homeopathic altitude pills. However I was certainly not back to normal and I ended up upsetting my breakfast all over the Conrad's annoyance!

We trudged out of the tent for our seventh long day of trekking. Today we skiied through a deep pea souper all day, we couldn't see a thing. The high point of the day was when Conrad stopped walking, drew a line in the snow and said "that's the first degree done".

111km down, 111km to go. Quite an unsettling thought, but at least we are on the home straight.

My homeopathic medicine proved to be working as I didn't have as much trouble with breathing as I did yesterday.

After making camp once again, we settled down to our delightful dehydrated meal and Conrad spilled his dinner all over the tent. At least I'm not alone!

My iPhone is doing fantastically as a method of entertainment to while away the hours of trekking, I downloaded plenty of music and it isn't using much battery. Luckily I also brought a spare set of headphones, as the first set are well and truly departed.

I think if we really push it, we may be able to achieve our goal of reaching the Pole on the 17th January - the 103rd anniversary of Captain Scott's arrival there.

To do this, we will have to complete more than 20km each day, which is seriously hard work. I hope I'm up to it...I'm sure many of you know that I'm competitive and I can tell you that Conrad is too!

It was great to hear today about everyone at home who is behind me, although my wife Sue is worried.

A special thank you to Dame Judi Dench, who lives locally and has supported the cause.

On the whole everything's good, we're really wonderful,



  1. So wonderful to read your Blog Patrick, it makes your venture so immediate. I can see you both in my mind's eye. Very impressed so far at all you have endured and so pleased at your progress. Go men go and keep up the blogging!
    Love 'Tricia

  2. Fantastic to read your blogposts from the bottom of the world. Following your progress avidly. I have no doubt this middle section will be a slog but you will fly the last couple of days. Best of luck to you both. Roddy

  3. It's fascinating following your progress, and difficult to conceive what it's like spending such a long period at such cold temperatures. It feels cold enough here and it's +4! We hope your spare headphones last to the pole. You're making great progress. Keep on trekking! Love Crispin and Marian