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16 January 2015

Thursday 15th January

Position: 89° 38.93S, 078° 39.67W

38 km from the South Pole

How was your day?

Terrible. It was thick, thick fog. There was no horizon. We couldn't navigate, I felt sick because I didn't know what was up and down and sideways...we've got another two days of that, apparently, all the way to the Pole.

Conrad spent all day staring at a compass. I had to shout at him a few times when he got completely confused and started veering off in different directions! He did bloody well though, he did absolutely incredibly well.

It was a slow old day but we still did over 20 kilometres. And then when we got to the tent, the flipping stove wouldn't light! So we've been fiddling about, and Conrad's rebuilt one of the stoves, so luckily we've now got some hot water.

A pretty demoralising day, generally.

at least it isn't quite mid-winter! (this is filmed at McMurdo Station)

We were going really quite slowly all day long, there was one bit in the afternoon when we picked up a bit of speed. But it was only for a short while and then the weather closed in again and it became too stressful.

Do you know of anybody else that's near you?

Absolutely not. Apparently we are on our own, everybody has gone through who is going to go through and we're probably going to be one of the last people arriving at the pole this year (season)

We aren't aware of anybody else, and apparently they are closing down the station pretty soon after we arrive if not when we arrive!

They may actually only be waiting for us, we aren't sure.

I'll speak to you tomorrow after what looks like another horrible day ahead!

The weather should be clearing up just as we finish the expedition...great!

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