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31 October 2014

Training with a Real Polar Explorer

Whoops! I’ve got rather behind with my blogs…it’s all hotting up in South Pole HQ, with lots of exciting publicity, training and kit to think about. I hope you’ll forgive me!

My new training technique
Speaking of training, let me take you back a couple of weeks to Friday 17th October. I dragged myself out of bed ready to strap my backpack (picture below) on and cycle to the station for the 4.04am train, but thankfully my wife Sue offered to drive me… see the size of the backpack below and you’ll understand why!

my rucksack
Five hours later I hopped off the train at Carlisle and set off for the Hadrian’s Wall path. I walked in the glorious sunshine at the nippiest pace that I could sustain until darkness came, stopping only for a photo or two and for a spot of lunch at the worst pub I’ve ever come across!

a Hadrian's wall checkpoint
Looking into Scotland
Not my best recommendation for lunch!
Approximately 25 miles later, I was glad to reach the excellent Twice Brewed Inn B&B where I enjoyed some decent food and a sleep.

A great spot to stop
On Saturday morning, Conrad picked me up and we travelled to his house, not far from Hadrian’s Wall. We spent the whole weekend going over plans for Antarctica; clothing, skies, safety, first aid, and food. We also practiced putting up our tent (we are hoping to hone it down to 5 minutes flat) and Conrad showed me how to train by towing tyres behind me.

Our tent for the big journey
we got there in the end
for core strength and fitness
After an enlightening weekend, I resumed my walk of Hadrian’s wall on Monday morning. Starting back at the Twice Brewed, I walked the second half of the trail along to Newcastle, where I leaped on a train back home to Surrey and was home for 9pm. I was less lucky with the weather, but at least I missed hurricane Gonzalo!

Thank you Conrad for an excellent weekend in your beautiful home. I’m now feeling really positive about the challenge ahead. Just a last few bits of kit to buy before I’m 100% ready to go, and I’ll keep ploughing on to develop my fitness.

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