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9 October 2014

A week in the life

As I’ve been following the same training routine for while now I thought it might be interesting to share it with you all. I’ve really been enjoying my training, especially since we’ve had an Indian summer, but I have to say that I haven't quite unlocked the joy of running that so many people claim to! 

a training run in Smallfield

I started off aiming for three, three hour runs each week but as I’ve seen my fitness improve I'm now running approximately a marathon each week - across the three sessions - in much less time. The Great Langdale half marathon took me 2hrs 20mins to complete (with a little detour and plenty of hills) so I'm aiming to complete the Royal Parks half in under 2 hours. If you’re there look out for me in my Bowel Cancer UK t-shirt! 

limbering up...and off I go!

When I'm not running, I’ll generally hoist my weighted jacket and a backpack full of bricks on, with total weight of 30 kg, and go for a long walk with the dogs. I aim for around 26 miles a week but at the weekend if I have enough spare time I'll go for even more and make the most of being out in the fresh air. I’ve just added a couple more bricks to the backpack, bringing the new grand total to 40 kg. This aspect of training is important as it strengthens my core in preparation for hauling 50 kg of equipment and food behind me in January.

40 kg on my back... faithful hound!

After each session, I'll strip off and jump in the pool (I’ll spare you a photo as I really do mean strip off!) which is heated by any excess power from our solar panels, so is not too cold at the moment but I think will be rapidly cooling from now on - all the better to prepare me for Antarctica! 

This past weekend I enjoyed two great runs around the Devon cliffs and two big swims in the sea at Gara Rock and Prawle point – very invigorating! Thanks Adam Bryan for helping with training! 

I’ve also changed my diet; after my bowel cancer I no longer eat red meat, I've cut out all alcohol and I feel fantastic! I'm amazingly energised and have watched my body shape changing after many years of over-indulgence, which is really encouraging.

Benefits of health and fitness...look like a madman!

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