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23 October 2014

Running Around the Parks

Running is so important for my South Pole training, because it ensures that I am aerobically fit enough to take on the challenge. I want to be so over-the-top fit that that’s just not an issue while I’m gone…the mental challenge is tougher to train for!

The second race that I signed up for is the Royal Parks half marathon, running around the beautiful Hyde Park and past London landmarks like Buckingham Palace and the London Eye. 

The spectacular route

It was a beautiful day to run - cool, autumnal and clear – but as 16,000 runners and I stood at the start line with my knees knocking and my warm up wasted I was wishing for a little warmth! After 40 minutes’ wait, I had reached the start line so kicked my stiff legs into action and off we went. 

Not long afterwards, I was surprised and delighted to see my brother and his wife waving and shouting at me…so I ran past pretending to be much less stiff than I really was! At mile 7 and again at mile 10 I was happy to come across another raucous gaggle of supporters, what a boost! 

Running past Lancaster Gate

At the Great Langdale half, back in September, I finished in 2h 20mins which included a few serious hills, not to mention a mile or two of running around lost… So I was feeling hopeful that I could finish this relatively flat half marathon in under two hours. However, midway through the race I could tell that I wasn’t on track for that time but just couldn't will my legs to move any faster! I felt as though I could have carried on running at my pace for hour upon hour but not an iota faster! 

In the end I finished in 2h, 10min and 11 seconds. Not my aim but still pretty respectable for 58 I think. I waded through the crowds, popped in to see the fantastically supportive people at the Bowel Cancer UK tent and then rejoined the family for a cuppa by the serpentine.

Why does everyone else look so serious?

A fantastic day, very well organised by the Royal Parks Foundation – particularly if everyone had brought eight supporters like me - that would bring the grand total to 128,000 people to manage! I can now hang up my running shoes for a while and focus on building strength…including dragging some tyres around some fields…

Thanks to the family for making the day so special, I was so touched that you made the supreme effort to watch me trudge around the parks.

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  1. Well done Patrick - absolutely fantastic! Sounds like a really good race - if it's flat it gets an extra tick from me - maybe I'll add it to my to-do list! Keep up the great effort in your training - I enjoy reading about it! Emily